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Information Technology
About Us

Connecting you to value

Tagit is in the business of connection. We connect your business to the people and technology solutions it needs. Ease strategy execution through technology solutions and services.

Our core business focuses on: Information Technology (IT) Solutions & Services

Tagit is an emerging, 100% black woman owned (BWO) company based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

What we deliver

What you can expect

Individual and personalised service
We work closely with you to identify and achieve your business goals, helping you focus on what matters most.

Trusted expertise
Our staff and partners are well trained and qualitied, with expertise in:

  • • Technology and Innovation
  • • Research and Development


Strategic partnerships
Through our strategic relationships, we look for the best solutions for your business.

Tagit is 100% black female owned company and a Level 1 BBBEE status service provider. We also support young black graduates through an in-depth mentorship and skills development program.

How we deliver
Our individual and personalised service engagement model allows us to deploy a dedicated team or working with you to form a blended delivery team.

Having had experience of ensuring the IT department enables the business to deliver on its strategy, Tagit is gaining momentum in partnering with product owners to ensure a seamless implementation, which allows for the IT department to meet in Key Performance Targets. This means that Tagit has built up best practices on how this can be achieved. This frees the IT executives and the resources to form meaningful relationships with the customers, the other divisions. This allows for key pain points to be identified early on, before they turn into crisis situations.

Where we come from

Tagit was founded by Joy Mabuza. Joy has over 15 years’ experience in the IT and financial services industry. She has held senior positions including Head: Operations, Head: Programme Management, and Divisional Manager: Information Technology.

A University of Cape Town’s Bachelor of Business Science Honours graduate, Wits Masters graduate and a GIBS MBA graduate, Joy has worked for companies including: Arivia.kom, Discovery Health, South African Express Airways, Old Mutual, and Momentum.

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