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The Green Board has over 30 years’ experience in the field of Company Secretariat support. This single woman owned business utilised the new Companies Act of 71 of 2008 as well as the King Code to design this system. The system can generate reports needed by the Company at the touch of a button that will assist in assembly of the Integrated Reports and provides Ethics, Social and Governance “ESG” feedback for your Stakeholders.

We have also embarked on the recycling of paper and the reduction of printing to reduce its carbon footprint. Most communiqué is done electronically, within the offices and extends even between suppliers and customers. The servers and network hardware used in The Green Board CC’s offices has the highest rating of green efficiency in terms of noise and heat generation.

The Green Board CC also plants trees for your sustainable reporting chapter. Our partnership with Grow-A Tree will plant 200 trees at the location/school of your choice. This is inclusive of training the learners at the school. This includes creation of employment as well as education of our future leaders.


Vanessa is the founding member and driving force behind The Green Board. She created the company in 2007 to fill a need in the corporate environment to move towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly way to comply with integrated secretarial and board meeting requirements. Vanessa has a wealth of experience within the company secretarial field that she gained through working with a wide variety of entities including the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (‘JSE’), Computershare, as well as a host of listed, unlisted and government organisations.

She has pioneered the development of the DigiMeet software which not only supports paperless meetings but also provides the required reporting for Integrated Annual Reporting.

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