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The Soul City Institute for Social Justice (SCI) is an intersectional feminist non-governmental organisation that is internationally and locally recognised for its innovation and expertise over two decades in Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC). SCI is world renowned for its pioneering work in harnessing popular culture to bring about social and behaviour change and is responsible for the longest running prime time television edutainment drama in the world. The SCI implements its vision and mission through a methodology that combines mass and other media, with advocacy and social mobilisation. It has a footprint across all provinces in South Africa through its RISE and Soul Buddyz Club movements which are located in some of the most marginalised communities in the country.

The SCI’s primary focus is to work with young women and girls (ages 10 – 35 years) to develop and grow as feminist activists and leaders committed to strengthening movements and advancing the broader agenda for the rights and wellbeing of young women. The institute also works with men and boys as a secondary focus to promote gender equality and the development of feminist allies. The Institute’s vision is to ensure that young women and girls fully realise their human rights in a just society and are able to live with dignity and self-determination and have the health and well-being to grow, flourish and reach their full potential. We support and amplify young women’s feminist consciousness, voice, agency and activism to dismantle patriarchy, protect their rights and enable their self-determination.

The SCI recognises that the realities and experiences of young women are shaped by patriarchy, in other words, the system of male authority that legitimises the oppression of women through political, social, cultural and religious institutions. It is only by challenging the systems of oppression and exploitation, which frequently mutually support each other, that young women and girls will be able to enjoy their rights to dignity and wellbeing. SCI subscribes to the feminist approach that focuses on dismantling patriarchy as a system and investing individual and institutional energies in the struggle against all forms of patriarchal oppression and exploitation.

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