Thobethulani Trading CC
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Thobethulani Trading cc is a hundred percent black and female owned company that started from humble beginnings in March 2005. Our company strives to provide reliable, prompt, continuous services conducted in accordance with the client specification and up to the required business standards. Thobethulani Trading C.C. is offering a service that caters for the clients needs but is also cognisant of the realities within the industry. Thobethulani Trading has implemented a number of impactful or life changing construction projects in the region of KZN.



• Business Understanding
• Hands-on Experience in the business field
• Business professionalism
• We bring innovative infrastructure solutions
• Competitive prices



• Dedication to perform at the agreed standards with the client and offer more than expected service.
• Accountability to the business by offering reliable and efficient service to the clients. Reliability by always being available for our clients
• Responsibility sense within all the staff
• Excellent in communication for good business understanding with the staff and the clients
• Enthusiasm to work and love what we do for the good image of the company
• Ethical Business practice by keeping all the promises made to the clients.
• Public Service by offering community support and advice to the previously disadvantaged individuals who want to start a business.
• Cost Consciousness by offering affordable services to the clients especially Small Micro and Medium Enterprises yet making a profit for the company.


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