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Titan Energy was formed due to a lack of female entrepreneurs in the fuel and energy industry in 2020 by Amy Rapiti Haripershad.

We wanted to create an environment that motivates and encourages previously disadvantaged females to excel in a male dominated environment and to aid the community and to encourage energy conservation and awareness.

Titan Energy is a close-knit operation due to the values and morals that come with running a family organization. We strive for not only growing as an entity but helping other individuals and companies through these trying times.

After working in the transport industry for over a decade, we saw the need for a consistent supply of high quality fuel and lubricants.

Having worked in operations, we witnessed first-hand the damage that inferior quality fuels can cause to vehicles and consequently be detrimental to businesses.

Due to our involvement in the transport industry, we worked one on one with fuel suppliers and dealerships to find the optimum product for our fleet. During this exercise, we realized our passion to provide a superior customer experience within the fuel industry and so began our journey as Titan Energy.

Our vision was motivated even more so by the Covid pandemic and the devastating economic consequences of this global crisis. The services and goods we provide are essential to all industries, but more importantly to the medical fields and we will continue to play our part in fighting this threat.

The company’s management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. Titan Energy maintains an environment that stimulates productivity and emphasizes respect for customers and fellow employees. The company structure is linear, which lends the staff responsibilities and decision-making power. With a strong management team and a dedicated sales and support team, we believe that a transparent and fluid working environment can be achieved within the company.

Our goal is to ensure that multiple aspects of community outreach is a priority, by becoming a stakeholder in various Non-Profit Organizations.

Titan Energy #FuelingYourDevelopment

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