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Started in 1998 by our CEO and founder Vasi Govinder-Padayachy, TSL Legal boasts a footprint across South Africa. At TSL we understand the opportunity – and the true cost – of debt. And know the power of efficient and compassionate collection. As specialists in debt book management and the collection of outstanding accounts, we’ve built our reputation on service excellence and execution. We offer strategic considered legal advisory. We call customers and collect with care. Since first opening our doors 21 years ago, we’ve been committed to acting with professionalism and integrity: an extension of your brand; holding to our values. We deliver inspired solutions for our clients, growing and strengthening your business by recovering your debt.

The TSL Group grew into a range of key industries – expanding from legal services into telecoms and automation, as well as water and property spaces, and leaving our mark in these sectors.

Our professional team has vast collective knowledge and experience and all of our work is geared towards growth and legacy creation. We train our staff according to the principle of Batho Pele: putting people first. We’ve fostered an environment that nurtures innovative people who, in turn, inspire with creative solutions. Today the group of businesses employs over 150 team members, with a strong focus on empowering and developing the unemployed youth of South Africa, giving many of them their first work opportunity.

Welcome to our world of credible business solutions…

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