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Umqhele Legal Consultants is a consulting and legal advisory firm. We are built for small businesses and have solutions tailored for SMME’s. Our consultants are fully trained and qualified legal persons with expertise in Business Law and commercial contract management. We provide fast, efficient services tailored for your business needs.

We aim to become global leaders in merging legal and AI knowledge to ensure the best outputs for our clients whilst giving clients peace of mind in ensuring that all their legal needs are met We offer a wide range of services from employment services, contract management services and procurement services to dispute resolution and IP law. We provide legal training and workshops for all staff and senior management workshops to equip employees to deal with a variety of legal aspects.

We are conveniently located in 3 locations across SA to be of more service to our clients, with 2 offices in KZN, one in Cape Town and the last in Johannesburg.

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