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Volumicious, was founded in 2016 by the owner Zoey Mkabela after she lost her hair during pregnancy. The product was inspired by her BSc Honours project which she attained at the University of Stellenbosch which involved investigating a plant that was eaten by pregnant sheep, resulting in the new-born lambs being born without fur. She found that an active compound was responsible for this problem. She won an award for the best poster presentation for her research project.

After hours, she started selling the products from the boot of a car at shopping malls while running a full-time and demanding job as a sales representative for a global company. The business and the distribution interest grew, which resulted in her leaving her corporate job in November 2019 to focus fully on the business so that she could serve her distributors and customers with a greater level of excellence.

She opened her first hair clinic in December 2022 and employs 10 full time staff. The business also empowers over 150 independent distributors, both locally and outside the country. The business has 1 store in Durban and has franchising opportunities

One of the core mandates of Volumicious is to be a contributor in solving the triple challenges facing the country: Inequality, Poverty, Unemployment through distribution, franchising and having hair clinic branches.

Zoey Mkabela has a passion to empower others and motivates them to believe in themselves, rise from the dust, have a big vision for their lives cemented by the word of God and to become the men and women that they were destined to become against all odds. Having gone through challenging years and conquered suicidal thoughts and feelings of failure as a result of life’s challenges, she strongly believes that everyone can overcome all life’s problems and challenges with a positive mindset, determination, faith in God and the will to see a better future. She believes that al things are possible to them who believe. When you fix your mind, you fix your life. If you can overcome the limitations that exist in your mind, rest assured that you are on the right path to achieving your dreams

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