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Wildflower Transformation Coaching
Business Coaching, Support Services
About Us

Wildflower Consulting Group (Pty) Ltd offers coaching and consulting services to individuals and corporations.

Beth Schneiter, owner of Wildflower Consulting Group (Pty) Ltd, specialises in working with women who are at risk of stress and burnout by empowering them to let go, reconnect and reignite their passion.

She is a transformational coach and speaker with a history of working in banking and as a manager in finance at one of the largest global trading companies. Having lived in South Africa, London and Geneva, she is a global citizen and has experienced how different cultures “manage stress” depending on social conditioning and beliefs.

She is also the co-founder of She is a Wildflower NGO which is currently being registered and aims to empower women and healers through coaching, mentoring and business development.

Through Wildflower Transformation Coaching, Beth offers 1/2/1 coaching for overachieving women to help them drown out the noise, heal from the past and rediscover their passion for life. She also offers group coaching through her transformational online course Wildflower in Bloom which will be launching again in May 2021.

Beth has spoken for or provided coaching or consulting at Future Females, Just Hello, Symphonia Leadership Development, Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr, Glacier Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd, ABSA, Sotic International, Hirsch's and various other guest talks and podcasts.

She is finalising her qualifications in the award winning Rapid Transformational Therapy and this service will be open to both men and women to assist with stress, burnout, sleep, confidence, weight loss, relationships, fear of public speaking and any personal issues that have been getting in the way of people or teams reaching their full potential.

Full details of services for individuals can be found at www.wildflowertransformationcoaching.com

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