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ZAS Petroleum PTY LTD – is a 135% level 1 B-BBEE black women owned trading partner of choice operating in South Africa. ZAS is actively trading in imports and exports of crude oil and petroleum products. ZAS has standing cooperation agreements with reputable world leaders in the petroleum industry across the value chain.

ZAS’ competitive edge is that it has streamlined its overheads to enable it to offer its clients:

•  Value excellence through competitive margins

•  Swift transactions due to service excellence and high degree of professionalism.

•  Dynamic team that is responsive to customer needs backed by renowned industry experience.


Our approach is that of strategic partnerships; whereby ZAS has sought out global entities to partner with in specific areas of product excellence to provide a unique, globally-backed service to the South African Energy industry.

One of the foremost benefits that ZAS Petroleum can offer supporting suppliers is the leverage for the relationships within the trading arena in South Africa. We have a strong local presence in that we capitalise on our relationships with the local refinery traders. This gives us an edge in that we are agile and are able to pivot to fulfil clients’ needs.


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