How actionable data can help businesses achieve Net Zero faster

How actionable data can help businesses achieve Net Zero faster

Written by Staff Writer

Oct 11, 2021

By Suzanne DiBianca, Chief Impact Officer and Executive Vice-President: Corporate Relations at Salesforce


As climate change impacts everyone and everything, we need to embrace every solution and act together. Ahead of November’s UN Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP26) attention will rightly focus on government commitments. Yet the climate emergency is only going to be solved by reshaping every aspect of our economy, from agriculture, to transportation, to financial services, to consumer goods and more. Reducing emissions — and ultimately reaching Net Zero emissions — is the most critical step for businesses serious about tackling the climate crisis.

Every business leader must consider how their company can deepen their environmental and social impact and become Net Zero. On this path every company has to become transparent and consistent in their carbon emissions reporting. With transformational solutions and trusted data they can accelerate their efforts and prove business can be the greatest platform for change.


Measuring and Collaborating with Data

Whilst businesses can encourage employees and citizens to take more sustainable actions, you can’t reduce what you can’t measure. Carbon emissions are a prime example of how lack of measurement hinders progress toward meaningful action. Integrating technology into sustainability processes, for instance, can help businesses to efficiently understand and manage their carbon footprint.

Just as the global pandemic has demonstrated the importance of transparency in building trust, to tackle the climate emergency there is no success unless it is shared.

Collaborative tools have a pivotal role to play in educating the workforce on sustainable practices, from recycling to green modes of transportation. Such platforms are also helping to scale businesses’ emission reduction efforts with suppliers and opening industry specific data-driven climate action plans. By maintaining visibility over their own impact, companies can visualise their fastest path to Net Zero with scenario planning and in-depth analysis and insights, and offer the highest levels of accountability to employees, customers and stakeholders.


There is no greater stakeholder than the planet

Increasingly, businesses recognise that their actions, values, and ability to generate profits are becoming more intertwined. In the eyes of stakeholders and the rising expectations of young people – future customers, employees, partners – if you aren’t serving the interests of the planet then you aren’t serving their interests either.

Together, we can be part of the climate solution. With the power of technology and community we can find more sustainable ways of living and doing business, achieve Net Zero faster, and drive impact at the scale and speed the planet will notice.



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