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The authority on gender empowerment in business for nearly 20 years.

How can small business owners survive the Covid-19 Panic-demic? 5 Tips

Written by Staff Writer

June 1, 2020

By Madelein Hendricks, HR Company Solutions
When I write down the word “survive” it really creates a feeling of panic in my heart. As a business owner the years of marginal growth and success gained from hard work and commitment can so easily be destroyed by a worldwide pandemic. It is devastating not only for the small business owner, but also for the employees that we support.
In a time of uncertainty, it remains vital for me to work and fight harder for the light at the end of the tunnel of Covid-19 and the lockdowns that have been imposed. I will survive is now more than ever a tune I whistle as I fight against the odds. My mindset for survival is guided below: 

  • Don’t stop believing in the power of your WHY

With any dream we dream, we always determine a strong WHY; why are we in this business and why are getting up to serve our clients every day? For some it’s a personal determination for a better lifestyle but for me as a Recruitment Specialist my why still strongly lies in my passion for partnering companies with the top talent that job seekers can offer. Now more than ever, but I have always believed that companies all over the world will need to rely on the best man for the job. With a group of talent specialists we can play a vital role in assisting companies with finding top talent and want to embrace the fact that it is now the time to capitalise on fresh talent that will undoubtably be entering the market now because of lay offs and job insecurities. 

  • Lead by example 

Don’t panic, take care of yourself and be calm. What we as leaders do now will showcase to the influence that we give to our employees during this storm. If we use the quiet time to upskill ourselves and read up on the work of our competitors, our brands will continue to be in favour of our clients. In recruitment it’s essential for us to share our knowledge with job seekers and hiring managers during this time. So much can be learned from what the job industry is doing and remaining positive towards industries that are still hiring. Taking care of yourself is the most important key to survival as the mindsets of leaders can easily be influenced by the pandemic and negativity within the media during this time. Remain calm and don’t fear the unknown, just believe in your abilities and remain strong for your team. 

  • Look after your people 

And they will look after you. Finding a team to partner with you in your business was not an easy task when you hired them and now is the most imperative time to believe in your workforce. Communicate often so that your employees know what your plans are for the months ahead. With reassurance and employee engagement a team can overcome a pandemic together. Upskill your staff and provide them with reading materials and online courses to enable them to be relevant to the times. 

Ask your people what they would do if they were in your shoes, you would be pleasantly surprised at what you can learn from the people that watch you every day. 

  • Relook at your expenses 

I know that I always want the best for my employees in tools and services available but now is the time to survive on essential goods and possibly take a long hard look at what you are spending your money on, cutting back so you can hold onto as much cash as possible. Find alternative suppliers and support local small business for services where you can. This is something that your employees will understand as many of them are doing this in their own homes too!

  • Think out the box 

It’s now the time to ask the question of how can the services that I offer assist my clients during the crisis? What can you do with your ideas, services and people that is innovative? There is nothing like now to see how far you can stretch your business and your ability to survive than taking the risks to think out the box. Educate yourself with online courses and read up on what world leaders are doing now to be different, changing your mindset to be a forward thinker. 

Only a handful of people are born to be leaders and entrepreneurs, use this time to invest and believe in yourself. Work hard and get up everyday with a positive outlook to a very gloomy situation. Tenacity and marketing yourself will set you apart from your competitors and ensure that you are at the fore front of your client’s minds and that they can trust you going forward as they always have.  Afterall, we are in this together, but you need to set yourself apart in order to grow through this! 

“I will survive…” – Madelein Hendricks

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