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The authority on gender empowerment in business for nearly 20 years.

How to get a dream job, what top gender empowered companies are seeking in top candidates

Written by Staff Writer

June 15, 2020

By HR Company Solutions

Are you looking for some guidance to job seeking, life after lockdown and the repercussions of the Covid-19 Pandemic? Please read on.

Apply for the right roles!

We know that the job market is tough; it is highly competitive and there are more candidates in the market than there are jobs in a very challenging economy. We understand the sense of desperation out there and we see candidates applying for every single vacancy that they see in the hope of getting noticed. However, this ‘guerilla’ approach, doesn’t help your cause. Use this time to go through job vacancies properly and apply for the right ones that truly appeal to your skills, your experience, your qualifications and ultimately where you would like to be in your career, particularly in areas of career development and growth. Apply for the roles that are applicable to you and where you know you would meet the requirements stipulated and therefore stand a better chance of being considered for shortlisting.

Not only do you waste a recruiter’s time by blindly applying for every single role you see, but you lose credibility when your name keeps popping up for roles that you’re not suited for. People remember your name, make sure it’s for the right reasons.

Recruiters appreciate persistence, but make sure it’s for the right reasons and it’s the right job for you.

Chantelle Smith – Recruitment Specialist

Your social media platforms are so important, now more than ever!

You’re bored, we get it but what you share and post on your social media platforms now showcases a very clear indication of your state of mind during crisis. Don’t comment unless you are ready to be brought into a discussion about a topic and if you do – ensure that you know what you are talking about! Sharing positive and insightful posts will show potential employers that you can hang on to your values during this tough time. The world is changing everyday to become a virtual workspace and adapting to a mindset that your social media is more than before a mirror of you and it shows everyone who you truly are. Rather choose for it to set you apart from other job seekers in a positive manner.

Madelein Hendricks – Managing Director & Recruitment Specialist

Just take the chance

I know it can be daunting right now in the job market as well as with job security due to the lockdown but don’t let that lead you away from applying for the job of your dreams. Go for it, apply, let us get your CV in front of the client so that as soon as this lockdown period is over your CV will be first in line for the advertised position. Don’t hesitate, just take that chance. Be transparent with your recruiter and use their advice and ask questions – there is much to be learnt during this time and you might gain some fundamental knowledge through your recruiter too!

Kristine da Silva – Recruitment Specialist

Reskilling and upskilling

With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on the economy and our physical and mental well-being, we must shift from our usual ways of doing things if we want to prevail.  This is where reskilling and upskilling become an important foundation for us.  To reskill is to learn new things, completely different from our usual expertise, while to upskill is to update our current knowledge and skills to strengthen them, all of which will help us maintain our productivity. As we won’t be seeing our colleagues or our bosses — one of the many things we will struggle with is communication and productivity. Oftentimes in a home setting, we find distractions more easily and can end up procrastinating.  Reskilling and upskilling can help us find new ways of working more effectively, no matter whether we’re in the office or our spare bedroom at home. They are also not a one-time thing, once the bug bites, hopefully you will continue to use what you have learnt to keep up with the transformation that lies ahead.  Go ahead, kick start your journey and download one of the many courses on Udemy or any Ivy League Courses (many of which are free at the moment).

Laura Potgieter – Recruitment Specialist

Stay connected – Keep the job market active

If you apply for a position, and the recruiter needs to connect in order to move forward in the process – be available, stay connected and active on your job portals and your email and cell phone. Job portals you may like to view and register on to stay connected with recruiters can include: CVCiti, Pnet, Indeed, Careers24, Career Junction and of course LinkedIn. Check in on your applications and check your emails. Just because there is a lockdown, does not mean the world is standing still. We are moving forward in a digital world regardless of any lockdowns. We might be physically disconnected from each other, but we can still be socially connected online.

Louise Botha – Recruitment Speciality

Don’t get scammed by job scammers

Scam artists like to prey on the weak and during this time of uncertainty, like now, we’re at our most vulnerable. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that you do not get caught by job scammers if you are currently on the job market. Pre-Covid-19, the unemployment rate was 29% in South Africa and we are expecting this to rise post Covid-19. Many people are desperately looking for employment and due to this they could end up being fooled by job scammers. When you are on the job hunt it is important for you to keep your wits about you and to remember to never pay someone to secure an interview. If the opportunity sounds too good to be true it probably is, do thorough research on the company and if the communication from them is unprofessional and they do not leave any other contact information it is most likely a scam. Look after yourselves after Lockdown and ensure that in your career search, you are not vulnerable.

Giselle Rentsch – Recruitment Specialist

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