Is your content making an impact? Aisha Baker, “The Accidental Entrepreneur”, chats on intentional goal setting and monetisation

Is your content making an impact? Aisha Baker, “The Accidental Entrepreneur”, chats on intentional goal setting and monetisation

Written by Staff Writer

Sep 14, 2021

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Founder and Owner of Baked Online, Aisha Baker-Parnell is an award-winning digital content creator and entrepreneur with a flair for all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle. One of South Africa’s most beloved style icons and businesswomen, Aisha is a remarkable example of the results that can come from utilising social media to its full potential. Today, as a mother of two and wife to cricketer Wayne Parnell, Aisha continues to be an iconic creative through her eclectic array of entrepreneurial endeavours. 

In her latest podcast, Aisha Baker sits down with Topco Media’s Karla Fletcher, to discuss her successful transition from online blogging to making real-world change. Aisha goes into depth on how she juggles everything, finds inspiration for her next big business move, and how the term ‘influencer’ is set to evolve in coming years.


Key takeaways to look out for in the podcast: 
  • Many people are becoming “accidental entrepreneurs” due to social media. We are in the digital age so there are so many new and emerging avenues to explore when building a brand or business.
  • The term influencer gets thrown around quite loosely these days. This is because the influencer world has become so diverse – there is the consumer side and then there is the social change side of everything. Essentially, everyone is influential, in some way, in this day and age. You can literally monetise anything!
  • You need to have a very strategic online presence and not just post for sport. Post content that is tailored to your branding, and be selective with the partnerships you choose. Have intentional goals.
  • Focus on your messaging for both your audience and clients. You must form good relationships, and intention setting must be practiced so you can weigh your priorities and work accordingly.
  • You will fail – it is inevitable. You will have setbacks and make mistakes. Life will throw new curveballs at you. However, these experiences are blessings in disguise that will teach you in tangible ways and make you stronger.
  • Rejection doesn’t mean that you’re not good enough. It just means that it’s probably not the right time. Believe in yourself and have patience. And remember to check in with yourself on a regular basis – take care of your mental health.
  • If you want it, it’s yours! You are the only one holding you back. Get rid of self-doubt.
  • If you have a platform, educate and support people. Make an impact! Be more purposeful.
  • Try and find people who you can align yourself with to keep a healthy energy and good vibe flowing. Your support system is important.
  • All forms of mentorship matter. Even if the coaching or mentorship you receive is informal, it’s going to be worth it in the long run.


Aisha Baker founded BakedOnline in 2009, when launching her first blog as a first-year student. “I am pretty blessed to run a business I am so passionate about, Baked is all about getting high on life, being fiercely feminine and inspiring women across South Africa and the world.” Aisha’s followers and readers are empowered women, opinion makers, culturally and socially engaged, ambitious, decisive and have a taste for all things stylish.

In 2016 Aisha was nominated by Nickelodeon as their favourite African blogger at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and received Glamour South Africa’s Glamorous Woman of the Year award in the same year. In 2018 she graced the cover of Cosmopolitan for their influencer issue. Most recently Aisha has been nominated for a 2019 Global Social award in the Inspiration & Influence category and won E! Entertainment Africa’s Pop Culture Social Media Award. With her platforms, Aisha hopes to create a space where young millennial women and moms, like Aisha, can interact with content that is relevant to their lives in Southern Africa, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. She was also listed on Forbes Africa 30 Under 30, in 2019, in the Creatives category.



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