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May 5, 2020


” When you put a smartphone in the hands of women, not only does the nutrition, health and education of their own kids improve but also that of the entire society and community in which they live.

All the countries led by women have demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that we need to put women into positions of leadership.  It cannot be, that in 2020 we still pay women 75 percent of what we pay men for work of equal value that is transformation.

COVID-19 has changed everything – from our business models to our supply chain to the way we engage, interact and interface at work. This transformation means a fundamental departure from the past; because the past is dark and painful we do not ever want to go back there – but we have a bright future. 

If we succeed and get it right, we will be lifting as we rise and learning from history because there is nothing more powerful as an exercise for the heart than extending a hand and lifting up another human being. Our challenge is how we take the lower half of our society into the middle class. To lift as you rise does not mean you have to wait until you have the title of president or chairperson. You can do this even if you take two steps up the corporate ladder.

Lift as you rise means that as a business owner you cannot afford to be an island of prosperity in a sea of poverty – your business must continue to do well by doing good because where business do good society does well too. ”  – BONANG MOHALE

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