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The authority on gender empowerment in business for nearly 20 years.

Make hard decisions about your public relations strategy and achieve the best results

Written by Editor

January 24, 2023

By Wandile Nhlapho

Many people often assume that a young brand or a newly opened project doesn’t need public relations and this can be harmful to the brands’ success. There are quite a number of misconceptions about public relations that exist across all industries. Here are a few tips to help make stern decisions about your public relations strategy and achieve the best results.

First of all, public relations is about the relationship of a company with the audience. Such communication can be active as well as passive. While you do not need to launch a massive global public relations campaign, you do need to share stories that represent your company, its goals and its achievements in the best light. 

Most often, entrepreneurs or business owners advertise their services through more than one channel. Therefore, public relations for them seems to be quite an expensive method of promotion. However, there are many choices where one can launch all necessary public relations activities at a budget price. 

For instance, you can hire a freelancer or use special platforms. Keep in mind that public relations is also a vital part of a business, as it brings a large number of benefits rather than short-term results, effective public relations – and a good reputation – work to provide long-term outcomes that generate interest and awareness.

Secondly, press releases and press conferences play an essential part in the public relations routine. Press conferences do not happen often but are held for the biggest events. And while press releases are an important public relations tactic, it is one of many tools. Public relations can be used for reputation management, crisis management, social media strategy, product launch, influencer relations, content marketing, etc.

Building a strong positive image, which may eventually convert to sales, takes time and is an ongoing process. So if you start communication and public relations activities when you are in trouble, it is likely to be ineffective. A constant presence helps build consumers’ trust, which will bring them confidence in your product and make them loyal clients.


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While effective public relations can reduce the consequences of negative reviews about a bad product, using public relations only for bad products is not a good idea. Clients have already had an opinion about your product in their minds, and when you finally decide to announce good products, they will still think that everything you produce is of poor quality. A good public relations strategy should work and highlight your best products and services benefits.

For most public relations companies, success is often measured by the amount of press coverage received. But there are more efficient ways to measure, such as the number of engagements, leads, public relations points etc.

Not having a public relations strategy can cost your business big time as public relations can grow your business over a couple few months. While it is tempting to build buzz for your brand through the press, you need to be sure that you are honest with yourself and your business’s capabilities before launching your services or products.

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