Meet Multineed CEO, Cindy Nhlapo

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May 3, 2022


Cindy Nhlapo, currently an MBA candidate (North-West University), possesses a BPhil Honours in Marketing Management (IMM), Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management (IMM), and BA Media studies (University of Free State). Before joining Multineed Trading and Projects, Cindy worked as a Brand Manager and Account Manager for various FMCG brands and a financial services organisation. 

She joined Multineed in 2015 as a strategic partner to drive business growth and became a co-director and a major shareholder of the organisation in 2017. As a result, Multineed has seen tremendous growth, servicing major South African corporations such as Nampak, Rhodes Food Group and CBI African Cables. 

As part of the organisation’s growth strategy, Multineed wants to build and rent out warehouses to key manufacturers in South Africa by 2023. The organisation also plans to enter mainstream consumer goods manufacturing by 2025. 

Multineed plays a significant role as a partner to manufacturers in various industries by handling its customers’ non-core operations, allowing customers to focus on core operations. 

Current Multineed services offerings include: 

  • Warehouse management services 
  • Sorting and dressing nonconforming production 
  • Sorting and repairing Returnable Packaging Material (RPM), including wooden pallets, rental forklifts 
  • Supplying and managing specialised and general labour to manufacturers. 


The company currently employs 84 employees between the ages of 21-50 in Gauteng. 


Gender Empowerment and Corporate Social Investment (CSI)


Our recruitment policy prioritises black South African youth in and around the areas we operate in. Our policy further prioritises women.


Five tips on surviving and thriving in business


  • Let go of fear and trust God 
  • Keep empowering yourself with education and knowledge related to your industry and others 
  • Master your craft to the point that it becomes difficult for people to ignore you 
  • Keep healthy; it is good for your mind and emotions 
  • Always lead with love and compassion, profits follow



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