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The authority on gender empowerment in business for nearly 20 years.

Meet VHG HR & Payroll Consulting’s MD, Given Ramasela Seolwana

Written by Editor

May 10, 2022


VHG is a 100% black female-owned consulting company based in Edenvale Johannesburg. Their journey started in 2017, with a vision to support SMMEs to effectively navigate the ever-changing demands of the Human Resource Landscape, by offering them organised, simplified, up-to-date and affordable Human Resource and Payroll solutions. 



We are an approved Franchisee of Peopleplus & Talenger HR software, an active member of the Black Umbrellas business Incubation program. Our consultants are active members of South African Board for People Practices (SABPP) and we were recently recognised as a Top Gender Empowered Company


Social Responsibility Initiatives

We have partnered with Eruditio Skills Development Services by offering free basic HR and Labour law training to startup SMMEs in their enterprise development program. We also partner with local FET colleges by offering Human Resource students’ opportunities to do their in-service training with us. Being a 100% female-owned business means it is in our DNA to advocate equal opportunities and consistent practices in the work environment. We also support the prevention and elimination of violence and harassment in the workplace for all genders. 


How have you implemented gender driven development in the workplace? 

We understand that gender discrimination remains a major problem in Africa. Through our hiring policies, training, remuneration & benefits; as well as our Employment Equity policies, we are able to track and maintain an inclusive gender-diverse workplace. 


How has gender empowerment strengthened your organisation? 

Our company is owned by two powerful women who are actively involved in the day-to-day functioning of the business. As women it is in our DNA to nurture and coach others, as well promoting effective engagements. We collaborate with other women, serve as role models for young women in the workplace and foster new generations of women in leadership through internship programs. 


What technological innovations are you using in your organisation to keep in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)? 

We are an approved franchisee of PeoplePlus and Talenger HR and Payroll software. A lesson learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown restrictions, is that nowadays every business (large or small) requires processes and systems that are efficient, accessible, and relevant to meet the clients’ current and future needs. Thus, our software solutions are aimed at streamlining people management processes and ensuring alignment with business needs and objectives. 


Which female leaders inspire you the most, and why? 

I will have to keep it local. Only one fierce lady comes to mind, the one and only, Thuli Madonsela. She advocates gender equity, she stands her ground, remains impartial and represents selflessness and brave leadership. 


Given’s 5 tips on thriving in business

  • By building strong interactive relations with our clients, it helps us understand their environment, their needs and challenges faced.
  • In understanding the client’s pain points, we are able to conduct intensive research & find customised solutions to address their challenges and avoid re-occurrences. 
  • We ensure our solutions are compliant, practical, and aligned with best industry practices. 
  • We involve all relevant stakeholders and ensure we have a shared vision. 
  • We seek not only to improve efficiency, but to ensure sustainability of the SMMEs we serve.


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