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The authority on gender empowerment in business for nearly 20 years.

Millennials set to grow the Direct Selling industry

Millennials set to grow the Direct Selling industry

Written by Staff Writer

June 21, 2021

By Adele du Toit, Marketing Manager at Annique – a member of the DSA South Africa


With South Africa’s unemployment rate currently at 32,5% job seekers are having to find new ways to earn money and create opportunities for themselves. Direct Selling provides job seekers the opportunity to earn extra income and be financially independent. “The Direct Selling industry empowers more than 1.2 million South Africans, of which 74% are women, contributing a total of R10.6 billion to the economy,” explains Adele du Toit, marketing manager for direct selling company Annique. “And over the years we have seen a great shift towards millennials looking to this form of income generation with the numbers growing rapidly.”


Millennials are up to the challenge 

Millennials currently make up 50% of the working force and are often seen as the ones who are more likely to take risks and try out entrepreneurial opportunities. “Direct Selling is an avenue that is ideally suited to this age group and is a fantastic way to make money and create business opportunities in a challenging environment,” comments du Toit.

To millennials Direct Selling offers an unconventional career of ‘being your own boss’, ‘having a side hustle’ and earning an income. Millennials are often looking for opportunities that give them the freedom to dictate their own careers and therefore freelancing is a popular choice while working to earn more money. Direct Selling also offers the opportunity to earn while you learn, assisting in paying off student loans and having extra money to spend on themselves.

“This industry, with the growing interest of millennials has gone from ‘door-to-door’ type selling to online innovation. Technology and the digital space are an integral part of life for millennials, and therefore become an indispensable selling tool for their business,” explains du Toit. With the advancement of technology, direct selling and social media work hand-in-hand as consultants who are comfortable with this type of digital conversation can enjoy selling experiences without having to invade their customer’s personal space and easily grow a wide network of online peers. Millennials can also personalise the online experience, by creating their own content and harnessing the exclusivity of online communities in the digital space.


Millennials: A resourceful bunch 

“Social media has become a resourceful tool to millennials in growing their businesses, as it is an integral part of their own day to day lives; if they like something they will instantly Share it, Retweet it, or Like it, letting the world know about it. This natural ‘instinct’ for social media aligns perfectly with the Direct Selling business model. It also opens up products to a new market, those who look to social media for advice and trends,” observes du Toit.

Direct Selling company Annique, a well-known proudly South African company, celebrating 50 years this year and a member of the Direct Selling Association of South Africa, currently has 10 000 consultants with 25% of millennials contributing to this number. The business sells quality Rooibos based health and beauty products that are in high demand and appeal greatly to younger generations.

“This age group of consultants continuously grows with more and more millennials looking to take their own business paths. Direct Selling and its marketing techniques are changing in the hands of this innovative group of young people – we have moved from door-to-door advertising, to brochures, to websites and now to social media. The goal of each consultant is to make it their own and succeed in their business,” concludes duToit.



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