Sharmantha Valjee – translates passion into entrepreneurship through tech and training

Written by Staff Writer

Aug 24, 2020

Sharmantha Valjee is CEO and founder of Sharmantha Valjee Consulting and DesignTech Training Academy, which aims to empower organisations and individuals with skills that ensure they remain relevant in an ever-changing knowledge economy.

Sharmantha has extensive experience, specialising in Human Capital Development, Leadership Development, Transformational Strategies, the SETA Landscape – Funding and Compliance, Design, and Development of Learning Management Systems. Her clientele includes global and national organisations within diverse industries. She is invested in both education and technology and believes they both play an important role in the knowledge economy. What makes Sharmantha a leader in her industry is her understanding of skills development and the importance of critical skills associated with intellectual capital.

Training and development  in an organisation may seem similar as both focus on skills acquisition, yet they are different – each fulfilling specific needs. Sharmantha specialises in both and her academy has a track record of balancing the two.

Her company is passionate about the 4th Industrial Revolution and has recently added coding, robotics, and drone building to its portfolio. Everyone who is associated with Design Tech Training Academy lives the company’s ethos which is “Keep learning and stay relevant”.

Sharmantha’s passion drives her to excel and in doing so she is an inspiration to others in her industry.

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