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The authority on gender empowerment in business for nearly 20 years.

Standard Bank Top Women Awards sponsors announced

Written by Staff Writer

June 28, 2019

2018 Winner Top Gender Empowered Company: Resources Award
WOA Fuels & Oils 
Sponsored by: Black Royalty Minerals


Topco Media is proud to announce the category sponsors for its 2019 Standard Bank Top Women Awards, taking place in Johannesburg on 15 August.

The Standard Bank Top Women Awards platform recognises those individuals and organisations that strive to achieve gender parity in Africa and South Africa. Category sponsors are those companies that are contributing to accelerating women’s empowerment by providing a stage from which to promote the work being done in this arena.

With 24 available categories available to sponsor in this year’s awards, nine have already been backed. “Sponsoring an awards category is a great opportunity for industry leaders to show that they are behind gender empowerment,” says Ralf Fletcher, CEO of Topco Media. 

“We would like to thank those companies who have already shown their support for this initiative and encourage those who wish to play their part in steering our country towards gender equality to step up and sponsor a category.”

This year’s sponsors are as follows:

Msini Top Gender-empowered Organisation: Tourism
Mdito Business EnterprisesTop Gender-empowered Organisation: Energy & Utilities
Mahlako a PhahlaTop Gender-empowered Organisation: Construction & Infrastructure Development
SANBITop Gender-empowered Organisation: Biodiversity, Conservation & Environmental Management 
Magethi Industrial Psychology ServicesTop Gender-empowered Organisation: Diversity in the Workplace
ITHUBATop Gender-empowered Organisation: Corporate Citizenship
PPSTop Woman in Science
BBDTop Woman in ICT
Public Sector ManagerTop Woman Public Sector Leader

For a full list of categories, please visit the Top Women website.

To enter the 2019 Standard Bank Top Women Awards, see entry guidelines here. Nominations close 12 July.

For further enquiries email: marketing@topco.co.za

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