Standard Bank Top Women Masterclass Ep 2: Accelerating economic growth through gender empowerment

Written by Staff Writer

Aug 10, 2020

Our 2nd Standard Bank Top Women Masterclass is focused on how to accelerate economic growth in Africa through gender empowerment and essentially the strategies for success needed to reach this goal.

This is a panel of strong, driven and dynamic women who are doing everything they can to level the playing fields in the workplace. Join Karla Fletcher, Natasha Parmanand (Fedex) Vanisha Balgobind (Exxaro Resources) and Mariam Cassim (Vodacom) in this dynamic and informative episode of the Standard Bank Top Women masterclass series.

Key takeaways to listen out for in this exciting video podcast:

  • Never aim to be the smartest person in the room – the world is filled with so much diversity in terms of personalities and skills. We should use this factor as a way to accelerate growth and change.
  • Having strong mentors is vital in terms of ensuring that we always have someone to turn to for both guidance and advice.
  • Diversity should span all areas of the workplace – gender, social backgrounds and cultures.
  • Diversity and inclusion need to be part of the core fundamental values of a company, not merely as a tick-box exercise or policy to be followed.
  • Success is not only measured in a board room – it’s also balancing the personal aspects of your life.
  • It’s still not uncommon for women to feel uncomfortable speaking over their male counterparts in work environments. It’s important for us to create a platform where women feel safe and comfortable to speak their minds.
  • To get to the top you need to start somewhere. This means that we need to have inclusive discussions from the bottom to the top to make sure everyone moves in the same direction towards a common goal, regardless of status within a company.

Webinar Speakers:

Natasha Parmanand

MD Legal, Regulatory Affairs & Labour Relations for FedEx and Top Gender Empowered Business of the Year Winner.

Vanisha Balgobind

Executive Head of Human Resources, Exxaro Resources and Top Gender Empowered organisation for resources winner 2019.  

Mariam Cassim

CEO, Vodacom Financial Services and Winner of the Top Young Achiever under 40 award 2019.


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