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The authority on gender empowerment in business for nearly 20 years.

Standard Bank Top Women Survival Guide Masterclass

Written by Staff Writer

July 8, 2020

This was one of the most valuable Masterclasses we’ve ever done about how to survive as a businesswoman.

The participants:

Lynette Magasa, CEO of Boniswa Holdings
Under Lynette’s strong leadership, Boniswa was recognised as a “Transformation Champion” 2019 during the Top Empowerment Awards. She is one of the most respected woman in the South African telecommunication SME space. Under her leadership, Boniswa has worked in more than 5000 cellular sites in South Africa, bringing network to the community. She participated in a number of international events organized by the United Nations and the World Trade Organisation addressing global SME’s challenges. She is a life-long learner with a proven record. She earned her Master’s in IT management with a focus in information systems, telecommunications, information security, decision support systems, business information systems, and networking.

Francine Zana, Founder, Exclusive Hospitality Concepts 
Francine was born in Coega in Port Elizabeth. Born into a humble and modest family she aspired to pursue a career in business, but due to financial difficulties dropped out of college after completing her second year and went to
work as a domestic worker and cleaner. Through sheer determination and personal drive worked her way up in to a management position. And is the current Managing Director and owner of Exclusive Hospitality Concepts, a company which specialises on the interests of private homes and established hospitality establishments who don’t have big hotel resources but aim to archive high operation standards and systems.

Veronica Motloutsi, Founder & CEO of SmartDigital Solutions
Veronica Motloutsi is currently the Chief Executive and Founder of SmartDigital Solutions.  SmartDigital Solutions is a 100% black female owned digital company, built to leverage the benefits of the 4th Industrial Revolution.  As a
South African company with the Vision of Africa, its mission is to enable its clients to fulfil their digital ambitions and take on a leadership role to help shape the new rules of the game.  Through her company she founded African Women in Digital Leadership series, a platform which host high profile executives leading in Digital Transformation.

Ralf Fletcher, CEO of Topco Media
Ralf is the CEO of Topco Media. Topco’s main purpose is to help businesses do more business. Topco Media runs award, publications and conferences and over the last 25yrs Topco Media has built a trusted network of top companies.

 Here’s just some of what we covered:

Relationships: Keeping your staff happy is as important as keeping your customers happy. Treat each customer as your only customer.Transparency: Transparency with those you work with goes a long way.

Handling failure: It’s not that you’re never expected to fail, what’s important is how you handle the failure.

Innovate: Internally before you put it out there to your customers.

Stay current: It’s important to keep track of current trends, statistics and where the market is going.

Leverage: Make use of existing technologies and platforms like social media.

Building trust: Deliver what you promise and manage expectations through constant engagement.

Get out there: Don’t want for tenders and funding get out there and ask for business.

Mentor and network: Get a mentor male or female and surround yourself with successful people.

 Notable quotes:

“As much as we are customer-focused, we also need to be internally-focused in order to enable our staff to provide service in a convenient and effective way.” – Veronica Motloutsi

“One of the things I look into with regards to my staff morale is to make sure I have an open system.” – Lynette Magasa“During this time, everyone is panicking. Checking up on customers also assures them that everything is up to standard.” – Francine Zana

“Choose very carefully who you’re working with this is who you’re spending your entire day with.” – Ralf Fletcher

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