Sustainable Fashion – The sustainability circle you want to be a part of!

Sustainable Fashion - The sustainability circle you want to be a part of!

Written by Staff Writer

Sep 7, 2021

By Justine Engelbrecht, Executive Director for Tweak Fashion


Tweak & The Circular Economy 

A recent Daily Maverick article on the climate emergency that humankind is facing has brought to light the importance of the circular economy and why more South Africans should be embracing responsible resource use and environmental sustainability.


The circular economy (CE) is an alternative model of production and consumption and one that fits neatly into the newly founded Tweak Fashion’s ethos. Apart from promoting the responsible use of resources, Tweak Fashion is also playing a role in entrepreneurship, job creation and economic development whilst making a positive impact on the environment.


The Tweak Sustainability Circle rescues clothing from the landfill site, and utilises these and other discarded fabric remnants to train and empower entrepreneurs, to recreate and repurpose them into sellable fashion and accessory items under the Tweak Fashion label. Tweak Fashion is a centre of innovation for entrepreneurship, while at the same time reducing textile waste on our landfill sites, and achieving both social and financial sustainability. 

Executive Director for Tweak Fashion, Justine Engelbrecht, says “The Tweak Fashion model considers both the unemployment rate, which is forecasted to be over 36% by the end of 2021, and the environment, with one kilogram of clothing emitting 3,6 kg of CO2, and combines these two factors into the Tweak Sustainability Circle. Instead of making, using and disposing, Tweak supports the circular economy model where items are reused, recycled and reintroduced into the system.”


Fashion That Limits Waste  

Tweak encourages consumers to consider whether the clothes and fabrics they purchase are made to last, consider their role in limiting the amount of wasted fabric, and be aware of the environmental impact from fabric production. The Tweak label stands for sustainable fashion, looking at the entire life cycle of a garment, toy or accessory, giving it longevity so that it doesn’t end up in landfills. The label also stands for economic empowerment, when you purchase a Tweak Fashion product, you are supporting sustainable fashion, local South African fashion, and local entrepreneurship.


The Tweak Fashion mission statement sums it up: The creativity of the Tweak Fashion label invokes the use of the imagination or authentic ideas to create products. Through creativity we play a part in maintaining a sustainable way of life. We lessen the effect we have on the environment through the fashion/retail choices we make, while at the same time taking action, training and empowering individuals to become entrepreneurs. We promote quality of life, and we encourage the reduction of waste and environmental impact.  


The Sustainability Circle

Tweak Fashion is a Public Benefit Organisation that aims to combat the challenges of unemployment by encouraging local investment and consumption of local products.


The pillars of the organisation are, unique and stylistic products, creating opportunities for the unemployed, creation of entrepreneurs, training of entrepreneurs, affordable innovative and creative products, creation of opportunity, inclusiveness, online presence, environmental sustainability, ethical fashion, low carbon footprint, slow fashion, upcycled repurposed fashion, circular business model, quality fashion items, collaboration, community support, volunteers, stakeholder participation and reporting.


Tweak Fashion is looking to collaborate with partners – companies and individuals that support these necessary pillars. And encourages individuals to not throw away their second-hand clothing and material. These items can be dropped off at the Tweak Fashion offices in Modderfontein, or collected in and around Johannesburg. The staff at Tweak Fashion welcome the public to drop off items and have a coffee with the ladies. There are various Tweak items in the showroom for purchase. 


Tweak products are repurposed in South Africa, encouraging people to recycle,, so that they can be repurposed into a new item that can be reused, thereby putting them back into the system in another form, without loss of value, while at the same time inspiring entrepreneurs through the creation of opportunity.



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