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The authority on gender empowerment in business for nearly 20 years.

Topco Media launches the Standard Bank Top Women ‘Empow(Her)’ Entrepreneurs Development Series

Written by Editor

September 9, 2022

The ‘Empow(Her)’ Entrepreneur Development Series seeks to equip women leaders and entrepreneurs with the skills to build successful enterprises that drive South Africa’s economic development.

This three-part series offers female entrepreneurs an opportunity to upskill themselves, with access to knowledgeable and experienced mentors.

A selection of 10 entrepreneurs who complete all the classes have the opportunity to participate in a pitching den at the Standard Bank Top Women Virtual Conference on 13 October 2022, where they will receive feedback from a panel of diverse and experienced Top Women judges.

The top 5 finalists will be entered into the 19th annual Standard Bank Top Women hybrid awards which will be taking place on 10 November in Johannesburg and one winner will walk home with the trophy and a R50 000 cash prize.

Each participant who completes the series will be awarded a certificate.

Each part of the series focuses on a topic related to upskilling women on their entrepreneurship journey. Helen Namponya is the official moderator of the series and will be joined by a diverse panel of expert women who are top in their field and ready to share all that they know with you.

Part one of the series launched on 18 August where 1 200 women registered for the session on financial wellness. Money coach, Busi Selesho, and managing partner of Norrsken22, Natalie Kolbe, spoke about entrepreneurial qualities and what investors are looking for before investing in businesses. Read all about the session here.

Some participants weighed in on the session with one stating: “I am so looking forward to the next session, I needed this. Thank you Topco.” Another one added: “This was a powerful session. Thank you Topco and SBSA and our invigorating panellists.”

If you missed the session you can catch up here and still qualify for the certificate and apply to participate in the pitching den. You are also able to interact with the other women entrepreneurs in the comments, as one of the participants shared: “Wow! The facilitators were on fire. Extremely informative I enjoyed and gained so much from this session. I am keen for the next one, you have answered all the relevant questions so well! Actually, I am at a loss for words and thank you for the recording – big ups ladies.”

Part two took place on Thursday, 8 September 2022 which taught viewers how to work smarter as we focus on the basics of developing a business plan and strategy. The session equipped viewers with the skills necessary to navigate the business environment and lead teams with a focus on the day-to-day running of a business. The speakers were Naledzani Mosomane, head of enterprise development at Standard Bank South Africa; Jenine Zachar, head of enterprise and direct banking propositions at Standard Bank South Africa; and Francine Zana, managing director at Exclusive Hospitality Concepts. Catch up here.

Part three will take place on Thursday, 22 September and is focused on wealth management. The session will help you look beyond the day-to-day financial needs of the business and upskill participants to manage their wealth – both personally and professionally. This session will teach entrepreneurs how to invest back into their business, invest and set aside an income for themselves. Register for the session here.

More information on the pitching den will be released soon and we encourage all women entrepreneurs to apply for the full series and final pitches. If you’ve ever been told ‘no’ or ‘you’ll never be able to’, then we are here to help you #RiseAboveTheNoise! Find your yes. Register and start your journey to greatness.

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