Topco Media marketing team makes their mark at the Marketing Achievement Awards.

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Jul 19, 2022

By Sinazo Mkoko


The Topco Media marketing team were announced as finalists for their Standard Bank Top Women Virtual Summit & Awards campaign at the Marketing Achievement Awards (MAA), last week.

Established two years ago, the award ceremony’s mission was to lay a foundation to celebrate the impact of strategic marketing in business, with the vision of highlighting  the impact of marketing in business while shaping the industry and promoting it as a noteworthy career choice.

The awards cover 15 categories across different marketing areas.This year’s theme “Marketing that Means Business”. The competition entries are open to any individual or organisation based anywhere in South Africa who contributed to a campaign including brands, client-side marketers, in-house marketing teams, agency professionals, independent marketing consultants and entrepreneurs. 

The Topco Media marketing team scooped the Excellence in Strategic Sponsorship Marketing Award for their Standard Bank Top Women Virtual Summit & Awards campaign. The Strategic Sponsorship marketing recognises great use of sponsorship to achieve a brand and/or business objective.

While entering for this category, the team was asked to provide an excellent fact-based strategy that was realistically capable of accomplishing business objectives and delivered a successful sponsorship marketing campaign.

The team shared that their idea behind the “I am a Delegate” campaign was to put a spin on the in-person conference lanyard by creating the virtual badge. The audience used this badge to show off on social media that they were a delegate to the Virtual Conference. The strategy to achieve goals was a multi-pronged approach.  Their campaign objective and methodology was centred around the community and the user experience.

“Once a delegate registered to attend the event they immediately received an email that welcomed them to the community which included their delegate badge along with suggested guidelines on how to use it. We actively re-shared delegates’ posts and stories across the social media platforms. As more people were sharing their badge and it became more prevalent online, it enhanced the feeling of wanting to be part of something meaningful – which is what we were hoping to create. 

“The campaign was successful for this brand because being a delegate and attending this conference was about more than just being an attendee. It meant that you recognised the importance of gender empowerment and stood firm in supporting ambitious women in Africa. It was clear to see this displayed in the way women were creating their own personalised posts (shown in the presentation).”

The team stated that women across the continent aren’t afforded the same opportunities to accelerate their careers and generate their own income.

“The opportunity for Top Women as a brand is to play a leading role in solving this challenge by affording women the opportunity to network and gain skills and exposure to achieve economic freedom. The business opportunity for Standard Bank as a sponsor is to be at the forefront of assisting these women in overcoming this challenge and achieving economic freedom through financial empowerment. By aligning with women empowerment they are showing their support for female entrepreneurship, forming a relationship with women who will someday require their assistance.” 


Standard Bank Top Women Awards entries are open

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