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The authority on gender empowerment in business for nearly 20 years.

What do you get from advertising in a digital magazine?

Written by Staff Writer

February 8, 2022

By Koketso Mamabolo


We’re more online than ever before. With or without the pandemic, mass digitalisation seems inevitable. We’re signing documents online, learning online, even our assets are online. If it hasn’t already been digitised, someone somewhere is working on it. But this isn’t merely change for the sake of change. There’s a two-way exchange happening.

In the case of magazines, more people are reading online. Hence the shift to digital magazines, which give you the same benefits as print magazines, with all the added benefits from having content online. 

According to projections from Statista, digital magazines are expected to draw in over 1.3 billion readers in 2022, and over 1.6 billion by 2026, compared to the 940 million readers in 2017. This opens up the opportunity to reach many more people through advertising than ever before. Digital magazines are a marketing professionals dream. From custom covers, to embedded links, these outlets open up the gates for leveraging the wider reach that digital marketing brings with it.

Here’s a little more on why you should advertise in a digital magazine.


You get an endorsement 

The content featured in digital magazines is compiled through rigorous research which draws from the latest information and trends to produce a product that’s trusted by it’s audience. The combination of a recognised magazine, made by a dedicated editorial team, with a wide and loyal readership offers you an opportunity to advertise somewhere where your credibility can be boosted. You would find your business next to industry leaders.


You get mobility

People can access digital magazines anywhere. Whatever the device, the magazines are never far away, and do not take up physical space, making them perfect for people who are always on the move, who can read the magazine at their convenience. A perfect example is the partnership between Bidvest Premier Lounges and PressReader which has seen guests offered access to thousands of magazines which they can download and enjoy at their convenience.


You get ongoing leads generation 

Because the magazine exists online, it can be shared infinitely on multiple platforms. They are not limited by printing. This translates into a wider reach than one would expect from something that exists only on a shelf. The wear and tear of a copy being passed from person to person is avoided. It can be shared almost instantly to the right audience for your business. 


You get the numbers

One of the advantages of having anything online is that there is more data available. You not only have an idea of the number of people the magazine is reaching but will also be assured that it’s reaching the intended audience.


Digital magazines such as those published by Topco Media bring with them a proven track record of attracting thought leaders and decision-makers. Advertising in a magazine that features inspiring movers-and-shakers like Theo Baloyi will enhance your reputation, leading to more customers and more growth. The return on your investment won’t just look good on paper, it will look even better on a screen.


To participate in the Standard Bank Top Women Awards and publication please contact Head of Brands, Judy Twaambo Chileshe:

Telephone: 086 000 9590 |  Mobile: 064 006 0621. |  e-Mail: twaambo.chileshe@topco.co.za






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