Your future leads are reading digital magazines: That’s where you should be too

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Jul 5, 2022

By Koketso Mamabolo


With the size of the global digital publishing market expected to reach $41.64-billion in 2022 (up from $36.29-billion in 2021), it’s never been a better time to advertise in a digital magazine. 

According to the Digital Publishing Global Market Report 2022, the market is expected to hit $68.81-billion in 2026, with Africa being the fastest growing region. “Earlier, pre-COVID, e-books or online newspapers and journals were popular among Generation Z or Millennials but during COVID-19 even Gen X and Baby Boomers too got aligned to this,” notes the report. “Therefore, this trend is expected to be continued post-COVID-19 also, thus driving the market for digital publishing during the period [2022 – 2026]”.

Topco Media is aware of the growth potential and our digital magazines, in the words of Head of Brands, Judy Chilese Twaambo, “help businesses do more business.”


Come do more business

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We’re more online than ever before. With or without the pandemic, mass digitalisation seems inevitable. We’re signing documents online, learning online, even our assets are online. If it hasn’t already been digitised, someone somewhere is working on it.

In the case of magazines, more people are reading online. Hence the shift to digital magazines, which give you the same benefits as print magazines, with all the added benefits from having content online.

“I have one word: Wow,” said Kele Engineering’s Managing Director, Kgaugelo Mogapi, after getting featured in the 21st edition of the Top Empowerment magazine. “After the Top Empowerment feature, we were inundated with incessant phone calls from various media publications who wanted to showcase our bespoke brand in their magazines.”

Still not convinced? Here are 3 reasons why your business should advertise in a digital magazine. 


Numbers don’t lie

Your return on investment won’t just look good on paper, it will look even better on screen. Digital publishing opens up a whole new world of data that allows you to know how effective your investment is. While only publishing in print limits you to the number of physical copies distributed, a digital magazine can easily be shared, viewed and downloaded all around the world.

Magazines, such as the 17th edition of Standard Bank Top Women Leaders, are always a click away, making them perfect for business professionals who are always on the move. But this doesn’t mean print publishing is outdated, (Topco Media is digi-first, but still offers print versions) merely that the reach can now be extended. 

B2B publications feature thought leaders and decision-makers such as the CEO of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Leila Fourie, who attract global audiences and extend your brand’s reach. 

Enhance your reputation

The content featured in digital magazines is compiled through rigorous research which draws from the latest information and trends to produce a product that’s trusted by its audience. The combination of a recognised magazine, made by a dedicated editorial team, with a wide and loyal readership offers you an opportunity to advertise somewhere where your credibility can be boosted. You would find your business next to industry leaders.

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Leads, leads, and more leads

Because the magazine exists online, it can be shared infinitely on multiple platforms. They are not limited by printing. This translates into a wider reach than one would expect from something that exists only on a shelf. The wear and tear of a copy being passed from person to person is avoided. It can be shared almost instantly to the right audience for your business.



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