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Be part of Sentech Africa Tech Week and watch your business thrive

Written by Staff Writer

August 16, 2022

By Sinazo Mkoko

Tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, corporations and business leaders in the tech industry at large have exactly 14 days to register for the Sentech Africa Tech Week.

This is a groundbreaking hybrid tech experience, conference and awards focusing on opportunities for the African continent. Have you heard people talking about the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and you want to take part but don’t know where to start? Sentech Africa Tech Week is your opportunity and one that should be grabbed with both hands. 

The continent’s biggest tech week aims to drive economic growth in Africa through digital transformation strategies and to create awareness around the future of IT and the trends that are defining the new normal in 2022.

What’s in for you? 

Private sector

The “How To Stay Relevant And Prepare For The Future Of E-Commerce is one of the key topics that will be discussed in depth at the conference. You will leave the conference with not only key takeaways for your business but you will also get an opportunity to mingle with other business leaders from the same industry, facing similar challenges. 

Public sector

We live in a country where we constantly have to be grateful if our lights are lit for a good week. We know the challenges our power utility is facing and how load shedding is affecting ordinary people and businesses across the country and the youth has come up with a solution and it will be discussed under the topic: “A Load Shedding Solution from the Youth”. 

Entrepreneurs and start-ups 

The conference will provide an opportunity for networking and fundraising masterclass for startups and this where the new aspiring business leaders will get to mingle with the established and experienced for future business trades.

Other topics that will be discussed include: 

  • Breaking into Blockchain: Building Capital through Crypto Assets and NFT’s
  • Shifting Poverty through Connectivity
  • Building Smart Cities in Africa
  • African creatives Exponential Growth & Exposure through social media
  • The Future of the Internet of Things (IoT) Transforming Lives Through Intelligent broadband connectivity

Topco media CEO, Ralf Fletcher said it all in this short video. 

Key speakers include Joylynn Kirui, Senior Cloud Security Advocate at Microsoft, the City of Cape Town’s Executive Mayor, Geordin Gwyn Hill-Lewis, Head of Game Tech Business Development, EMEA, at Amazon Web Services, Shayan Sanyal and more. 

If it’s an investment that you’re struggling with or knowledge and skills or even struggling with digital transformation, the event caters for everyone and each individual/business attending, will come back with something valuable. Your kids probably spend an amount of their time on Roblox and that should tell you that tech is indeed the future, get with the program or be left behind! Your future will thank you or your past (this present) will haunt you.


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