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The authority on gender empowerment in business for nearly 20 years.

Rolene Strauss inspires women in SA: “Self-confidence is key to personal growth”

Rolene Strauss inspires women in SA: “Self-confidence is key to personal growth”

Written by Staff Writer

June 14, 2021

*To listen to the full podcast, please click here


Rolene Strauss’s life, since winning Miss SA and being crowned Miss World in 2014, has been one of total transformation. A leading woman in many spheres, Rolene’s initial passion was Medicine, which she studied before getting married and becoming a mother. For Rolene Strauss, family comes first, thus, she understands the many roles women have to juggle on a daily basis whilst trying to achieve all the goals they’ve set for themselves. She believes that if she opens up about her self-confidence journey and shares valuable insight, many women will be able to uplift themselves and find their true purpose in life, living unapologetically and being the best version of themselves.

In this week’s Standard Bank Top Women podcast, Karla Fletcher, the Head of Marketing at Topco Media, sits down with Rolene Strauss for a motivational discussion surrounding women rediscovering self-confidence, changing the narrative, and how women in South Africa can equip themselves to successfully climb the ladder towards positive leadership. Rolene provides key insight into maintaining a work/life balance, getting the most out of your personal growth journey, and overcoming stereotypes and domestic gaps.


Key takeaways to listen out for in this podcast:
  • In rediscovering self-confidence, we need to see ‘vulnerability’ as the first step towards making progress. Open up and be transparent about the challenges you are facing – we are all human.
  • Whether you’re in the spotlight or any career in general, it’s important to do your homework as there will always be pros and cons involved.
  • If you have the platform, as a women leader, to influence the female community through positive upliftment, you should. Speak to peers and other experienced individuals and you’ll learn so much that could go towards making a real difference in other people’s lives.
  • Change your mindset in order to change your narrative or image. You need to gear your thoughts towards growth and be open to learning for self-improvement.
  • Redefining your identity is a difficult process, and so is repositioning your brand as a woman. Do not make hasty decisions or sudden changes.
  • As women, we often have this ‘ideal’ image we’re constantly trying to obtain ie ‘a new you’. There is a grieving experience involved when letting go of the ‘old you’. Look at the characteristics, values and skills you’d like to hold on to and nurture them first, before pursuing a new version of yourself.
  • It cannot be stressed enough, but one needs to surround oneself with people who are supportive of your growth, purpose and passions. Your circle of friends and family should be an uplifting support system.
  • You must maintain an objective view on life. Ask yourself: “Who do I want to be?”, not “What do I want to do?”. Find your purpose and decide to work towards a specific direction that you choose for yourself.
  • It’s not necessary to know all the steps at once, but focus on the essential first step you need to take right now – just start and take everything from there. You will learn as you go.
  • If you can, support females around you to reach their full potential. Online courses and personal coaching can be vital to dealing with the gender gap in female leadership – help women to help themselves.
  • The biggest hurdle women face in life, in terms of leadership and career development, is based on an internal factor: self-confidence. Good leaders need a healthy level of self-confidence to succeed.
  • Externally, women face issues surrounding organisational policies, stereotyping and domestic gaps. Overcoming this, and changing the narrative, will take time. But stay optimistic in knowing we are getting there, it just takes time.



Rolene Strauss is a mother, wife, graduated medical doctor, Transformative Self-Confidence Coach, author, entrepreneur, business woman, and was titled Miss South Africa Miss World in 2014. Today, Rolene is using her amassed platform as a key public figure to uplift women and coach them to reach their full potential.

In 2017, Rolene Strauss released a one of its kind Spoken Word Album called “Secrets to My Growth”, on which she shares practical tips and secrets to a more productive, purpose driven and joyful life. She launched her daily devotional titled “Reflections from the Heart” in 2019, in both Afrikaans and English. Within the pages of this special book, she shares 365 days of reflection, motivation and inspiration to a more self-confident and happier you. You are bound to find your true identity while reading and working through this daily devotional with Rolene. That same year, Rolene launched her self-titled YouTube channel in an effort to transition and transform her identity beyond the pageant world.

In 2019, Rolene Strauss commenced her master’s degree in philosophy, Management Coaching at the University of Stellenbosch Business School and her passion for coaching has grown leaps and bounds ever since. As a great public speaker and overall inspiration, Rolene is now known as a Transformational Self-Confidence Coach. The coaching model she uses, questions she asks, the way she listens and challenges she gives, has been instrumental in transforming and building self-confidence in the lives of women who never feel ‘enough’ at work or at home.




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